Based on customer's needs
From parts to productsIntegrated manufacture

High Quality + Diversity + Speed

We will provide customers satisfaction and peace of mind, in order to become customers’ continuous best partner. We are also delivering products accurately and speedily.
YUEI CASTER is developing next-generation casters with its own technology and delivering the goods speedily to meet the delivery date, so as to respond to the diversified and sophisticated customer needs,
We introduce cutting edge technologies constantly, devise new materials and new mechanisms, and strive to manufacture high-quality products by thorough product performance testing under strict management standards.
YUEI CASTER, we believe that it is our mission to deliver the products, “in exact quantity, the right thing, just in time”, to our customers according to their order. It’s our reliable product supply system that customers can select us with confidence.
In order to respond to customers' diverse needs, we not only actively promote in-house production of all parts, but also design, procure and produce by collaborative system with affiliated companies.
We have built the just-in-time product system to request to multi-item production order. We also have established production lines which could support OEM order and small lot size order flexibly with speedy delivery.
We will still strive to provide high quality products that customers can appreciate the value.

Integrated Management of YUEI CASTER

1. Product Planning

We are planning unique product value such as segmentation, targeting, positioning, design concept planning, marketing mix selection and so on.

2. Design and Development

From the selection of the optimum material to the structural design, we are developing products that have condensed know-how of caster specialist manufacturers.

3. Procurement of Materials

We select materials to embody the design quality, investigate materials around the world to enhance competitiveness and collect new technology information.

4. Manufacturing

We are one of the few comprehensive caster manufacturers which can integrated manufacture the goods from parts to products.
We have established the production system that can support detailed order, such as small lot size and quick delivery.

5. Sales

We understand the order status in real time, and also have production and shipping system. We also feedback customers’ comments to R & D, aiming at creating highly satisfying products.

6. Delivery

We request to multi-item production order and realize efficient nationwide delivery distribution system.