In YUEI, we take people as "property".
We’re also implement self-learning, action-oriented education and training.

Knowledge + Energy + Judgment

Regardless of executive, manager, supervisor and general employee, we constantly strive to absorb new knowledge and nurture those who can make scientific judgment from a broad perspective.

We are embarking on a bold management reform that incorporates "Amoeba Management". Amoeba management is a management method based on accounting management that found on divisional accounting system.
(1)stablish a market-oriented divisional accounting system
(2)Nurturing employees with managerial awareness
(3)Practice management by all
Based on the above three points, with the leader as the core, each department is acting like a company. We will nurture employees who collaborate as a team to reach achievements.

※"Amoeba Management" is registered as trademark by Kyocera Corporation.

Education and training

Every year, we set up annual education and training goals for all departments. We are promoting establishment of a system to evaluate the results fairly and impartially.

Muscular Management

We build solid management foundation by making all staff participate in management in order to make customers do business with us comfortably.