STEP 1Select an application

STEP 2Calculate the allowable load of one piece of caster.

Self-weight of set equipmentkg

The maximum loading capacitykg



Allowable load of one piece of caster00(daN)

※It’s only applied to the case when using 4 pieces of casters. If there are more than 4 pieces of caster, please contact us.

About Caster

Structure of Caster

1. Structure of Caster and Names of Parts

A caster is mounted to an object in order to carry or move the object easily.
Mounting a caster to an object is easy and caster can be used for various purposes.

2. Types of Stoppers
  • Single stopper・・・ This is the stopper used for only locking rotation of a wheel.
  • Spirally fixing type・・・・・・・This is the stopper used for only locking rotation of the revolving portion.
  • Double stopper・・・・This is the stopper used for locking rotation of a wheel and rotation of the revolving portion at the same time.
    ※There is a type equipped with both single stopper and Spirally fixing type.
3. Structure of the Revolving Portion
Single thrust bearing type
(Single bearing)

Single bearing structure is used for giving priority to cost.

Small casters
G series and M series
Double thrust bearing type
(Double bearing)

Smooth rotation is realized by adopting the double bearing structure.

Industrial casters
J series, PM series, RJ2 series and J2 series
Small casters
SJ series, S series, STK series, E series, L series, SA series, H series(except LHG type), RJ2K series, CAL-H series, SUS-J series, SUS-J2 series, SUS-SJ series, SUS-S series, SUS-E series, SUS-H series
List of product series
List of bracket type
About Caster