Made in JAPAN

Manufacture more than 8,000
types of casters!

Manufacturing and assembling of parts
Our company can produce all processes in-house,
We can respond flexibly to customer's request,
We offer high quality products made in Japan.

Production system

Consistent developmental production system

By developing molds in-house, from general products to custom made,
We have established a flexible integrated production system.

  • Molding ProcessMolding Process
  • Press processPress process
  • Assembly processAssembly process

Integrated manufacture the goods from parts to products,
that could meet customer’s requests.

  • High Quality
  • Diversity
  • Speed

We will provide customers satisfaction and peace of mind, in order to become customer’s continuous best partner. We are also delivering products accurately and speedily.
YUEI CASTER is developing next-generation casters with its own technology and delivering the goods speedily to meet the delivery date, so as to respond to the diversified and sophisticated customer needs,
We introduce cutting edge technologies constantly, devise new materials and new mechanisms, and strive to manufacture high-quality products by thorough product performance testing under strict management standards.
YUEI CASTER, we believe that it is our mission to deliver the products, “in exact quantity, the right thing, just in time”, to our customers according to their order. It’s our reliable product supply system that customers can select us with confidence.
In order to respond to customer’s diverse needs, we not only actively promote in-house production of all parts, but also design, procure and produce by collaborative system with affiliated companies.
e have built the just-in-time product system to request to multi-item production order. We also have established production lines which could support OEM order and small lot size order flexibly with speedy delivery.
We will still strive to provide high quality products that customers can appreciate the value.

Developing Products

We aim to develop products that truly meet customer needs.

In order to solve user's problem, YUEI CASTER,
We are exploring new technologies and improving function improvement constantly.
In addition, we are developing unique performance casters,
And also promoting projects for development of new applications.

Challenge to New Material and New Structure

By introducing new materials, we are working on improving starting, revolving performance and abrasion resistance. For example, we make improvements constantly, such as improving the efficiency of moving work with wheel materials that have excellent impact resilience.
We are pursuing customer satisfaction through developing casters with new functions, such as the function to absorb shock during traveling (casters equipped with shock absorber) and the function to reduce outbreak of noise, as well as the original role of moving heavy objects lightly.

Advanced Product Development

We develop next-generation casters through original technique in order to meet customer’s diverse and advanced requests. For example, we design optimal casters from zero for each set item such as equipment requiring low profile and heavy duty.
We are creating our own value continuously with proactive attitude toward new fields and challenging spirit trying to manufacture epoch-making products constantly among the established technologies.

High Response Capability with In-house Production

We improve the rate of in-house production to meet customers’ requests and make process production including mold making, part processing and assembly work. For example, we also customize the body, structure, and specifications such as casters for traction that require high abrasion resistance and durability, used for special application environment,
We offer more than 6,000 types of products, and about 70% of them are custom-made. As a company that can respond to various needs quickly and provide the best products, we have earned the trust of many customers.

QAIC / JP / 1085 / 1086

Reliability Test, Thorough Quality Evaluation

Our feature is not only rapid response to customized products, but also stringent quality requirements.
With the integrated production system, we repeat performance tests under strict quality standards, in order to provide world-class, high-quality products to customers with confidence.
We are certified according to ISO9001 and ISO14001. We also carry out chemical substances management in order to manufacture eco-friendly products.

We aim to realize the functions required by clients with the production system that suits customer’s whole set of products.

In-house mold development

We design the optimum parts and manufacture the mold according to the required specifications.
We realize optimum manufacturing cost by in-house production and maintain stable quality with regular maintenance of mold.

Technology that responds to customer requests

Our production facilities are flexible, integrated in the high-performance Automation PC product line which used the latest technology and manual operations that respond to small individual orders.