STEP 1Select an application

STEP 2Calculate the allowable load of one piece of caster.

Self-weight of set equipmentkg

The maximum loading capacitykg



Allowable load of one piece of caster00(daN)

※It’s only applied to the case when using 4 pieces of casters. If there are more than 4 pieces of caster, please contact us.

Perfect Handling Ultimate PU Excellent Light Moving 8kg

Ultimate PUValidate start performance of AUU wheel.

Two swivel casters and two fixed casters are attached to the trolley, is measured.
Test condition: Set the 2 swivel casters in the forward direction at 90 degrees to the direction of travel and pull on a flat concrete finish road to measure the starting force


Ultra-High Quality PUUltimate PU

High durability urethane!

Installed high durability urethane, best choice for heavy load.

Easy to handle!

Handling performance increased by low frictional resistance wheel shape and excellent material for turning and starting.

Aluminum Die-Casting Core High Durability Urethane

Handling performance increased*The illustration is an image

High durability urethane prevents deformation by weight and keeps narrow contact to the ground, it realizes light turning, smooth starting, easy handling.

Single wheel test result

Turn-ability test

According to turnability test, PMS-150AUU realized under 30% starting load. (Compared with normal industrial caster wheel) With improving the initial operation that feels the heaviest, it also achieves smooth turning performance.

Reduce load 70% *Compared with equivalent (300daN)

Turn ability test result (JIS B 8920 Turn ability test)

Reduce load 70%

Wheel moving performance test

According to wheel moving test, AUU-150 wheel realizes to start with 25% less power than conventional wheel and smooth wheel moving performance.

Reduce load 25% *Compared with equivalent (250daN)

Wheel moving test(JIS B 8923 wheel moving performance test)

Reduce load 25%

2 type available from usage

For industrial PMS type 1 feature

New designed structure of bearing (turning parts)

New design of bearing structure improved holding power of steel ball. Aiming to dramatically improve turnability and also reduce rolling contact fatigue life. Steel ball scratching on the raceway isn’t happened because turnability is stabilized. As a result, smooth running performance lasts long.

We reduced shimmy phenomenon by introducing new bearing structure.

Ultimate PU +PMS type  assists reduction of labor cost and work burden! Reduce work burden Reduce running cost Comfortable by little noise

Ultimate PU +PMS type  assists reduction of labor cost and work burden! Reduce work burden Reduce running cost Comfortable by little noise

Ultimate PU (AUU)for PM type lineup

In this AUU wheel series, which has realized smoother swivel startability with high grade urethane, users’ demands make the compact size “φ100mm” available now.

Ultimate PU

φ100mm wheel makes PM type lower floor!

Comparing to φ150㎜ wheel, φ100㎜wheel has lowered mounting height by 54mm.
Lowering caster height leads to increase the amount of load on trolley and improve the transportation efficiency.

Ultimate PU Caster’s Wheelφ100 Industrial Caster’s Wheelφ150