STEP 1Select an application

STEP 2Calculate the allowable load of one piece of caster.

Self-weight of set equipmentkg

The maximum loading capacitykg



Allowable load of one piece of caster00(daN)

※It’s only applied to the case when using 4 pieces of casters. If there are more than 4 pieces of caster, please contact us.

Absorbing shocks by the whole body Shock absorbing series SMOOSTAR Cushion caster for towing SKY-2 Type
New products Cushion caster for towing SKY-2 Type Excellent shock and vibration absorbing performance Performance is also further improved.
The shock to load on uneven road surface is reduced to approximately 80% of conventional impact force.
Select the spring according to the application.
With the newly designed bearing structure, starting has become very light. It is a proprietary wheel with excellent rotation accuracy, and the running sound is also quiet.
Newly designed bearing structure
Low noise & long service life