STEP 1Select an application

STEP 2Calculate the allowable load of one piece of caster.

Self-weight of set equipmentkg

The maximum loading capacitykg



Allowable load of one piece of caster00(daN)

※It’s only applied to the case when using 4 pieces of casters. If there are more than 4 pieces of caster, please contact us.

Heat-resistance, water-resistance, hard to get rust.Stainless model with durability and anti-corrosion. STAINLESS CASTER STAINLESTAR
Excellent corrosion resistant all Stainless (SUS304). Even if wet conditon, this is a long-life caster.
Point.1 Corrosion resistance/SUS304
Point.2 Various line up for light duty, middle duty, heavy duty
Column Caster mounting position